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December 2018

Despues de Guatemala

Early March, 2019

A Pit Stop in Ventura

Still recuperating from Guatemala, we spent a couple of days at our beach home in Ventura. ;) It was nice to have somewhere familiar to return to our first night back, and we got to chill with the big girl Janet again. Unfortunately we knew that visit was short-lived, so we booked ourselves an Airbnb somewhere new: Santa Clarita. And for a whole 7 days! That officially takes the record for the longest stretch we’ve had to book an Airbnb.

On to Santa Clarita...

One of the things we have to strategize these days is when we can and can’t have refrigerated food. Some Airbnbs allow kitchen use, some don’t. So our first night there we had brought a few cold items with us from Ventura, but when we got to Santa Clarita at night it wasn’t clear whether or not we could store stuff in the fridge… so we had to eat all the cheese.

(We figured out the next day that the kitchen was totally at our disposal.) 

We made the most of our week in Santa Clarita the only way we know how – by visiting every coffee shop and library in town. We frequented Honu Coffee and re-discovered Barnes & Noble. Turns out we prefer to drink our coffee and work on our to-do list surrounded by the words of great writers and inspired people. We also discovered a life hack: if you sit around long enough, you might score a free treat.

While in Santa Clarita we managed to secure our next dog sit. Looking forward to hanging out with Cosmo the cattle dog in Hollywood!



Getting it Together in Ventura

Jan-Feb, 2019


9 A.M? In LA?

Our first run-in with the brunt of Los Angeles traffic. We drove from the east side of LA to Ventura during morning rush hour, allowing ourselves plenty of time to make it there by 9:00 of course... Arrival time was 9:20, so I'd say we did pretty good for first timers.


This was the first time we met Janet, who we will have the pleasure of watching again in the future. She's a big ol' gal with a big ol' personality.

This was not our first time in Ventura, though. The very start of our Southern California adventures began here in December, so it felt a little like going home.


Home to surfers, thrift shoppers, hipsters, and us! For the past 17 days. Notably, this was our longest time spent in one location since last October. We've been traveling for 5 months, so a brief return to reality was appreciated. Transitioning back into some sense of (our) normalcy meant:

  • Binging Netflix
  • Making coffee at home
  • Working from the couch or the kitchen table
  • Getting to know our neighbors
  • Exercising!
  • Doing homework
  • Grocery shopping
  • Doing dishes and laundry

Overall it was a healing time. We spent the last few days starting to gear up for Guatemala! Although, as it seems to be the way things work out for us, the road to Guatemala will not be direct. Here we come Norco! And then Corona! And then Woodland Hills! Finally, Guatemala, we'll see you in two weeks.