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December 2018

It's Been a While!

April - July, 2019 

 It’s been two months since our last post! Where have we been? Basically the LA metro, but specifically...

Sherman Oaks - Ventura - Valley Glen - Glassell Park - Hollywood - Valley Glen - Glendale

And we’ve been busy! In May and June Sam started a new job and Tay completed her second-to-last quarter of grad school! Our stay in Sherman Oaks really got the ball rolling. It was our longest pet sit so far at 25 days...

Do These Cats Even Like Us?

Our Sherman Oaks sit was with two cats who didn’t really care whether we were there or not. That didn’t stop us from trying to win them over with treats of course… Their indifference probably contributed to this being a very productive month though. Taylor put in hours of homework, and can finally say that she’s happy to be on the other side.

Sam went through three interviews for a small business in Santa Monica, which essentially proved to us that our job search radius in LA from now on will max out at about one mile (TRAFFIC). She got the job, but went a different direction and has been working with a small business in Van Nuys ever since. 

Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat

5 cats. We sat 5 cats for over a week in Valley Glen. Sounds insane, but it ended up being one of our most relaxed sits. We were invited back for the end of June.

Cat, Dog, Cat

After Valley Glen we made our way to Glassell Park to hang out with 2 cats and 1 bassett hound. If we’re talking records, this sit takes the cake for goofiest pets. Sam continued to work and Tay continued to study.


We made it back to Hollywood. Same apartment complex we stayed before, new dog. While there we had a visit from Taylor’s dad which sparked talks of coming home for a visit, and as most of you know now, we’ll be back in IA on the 10th!


 Taylor is used to Sam’s ridiculous comments. It appears Randy's still learning.

We left Hollywood, and with a two-day gap between pet sits we wanted to check in on our storage unit.. 

Still there... still costing us $80 a month. 


We're currently in Glendale and, as most of you have heard, we’ve experienced two earthquakes here. All is well and no damage. Seems California is giving us a perfect farewell. Writing this from our last pet sit before we fly out. We’re hanging out with two dogs and our first hamsters! We finally made time to visit downtown LA and were not disappointed.


There you have it! We’ll see you all soon!



We Were There for Janet

Early April, 2019 

Disclaimer: Janet is a lab mix. Not a woman. 

This was our third time coming to hang out with Janet while her owner Eric had to travel for business.

About Janet: Janet is a GO GETTER. Janet don’t slow down for nobody. Janet barks if she wants to bark. Janet is an ex marine. Janet is everything we hope to be someday. This trip to Ventura, Janet needed our help. Jan had a tumor on her ankle and from the short time we had spent with her we could tell that it slowed her down. The great news is she got it removed since we last saw her!! 

Janet on Drugs

To keep the big girl relaxed and off of her post-surgery foot, we had to keep her doped up for a couple weeks. Janet on drugs is... the cutest kind of pathetic.


Hiking at Arroyo Verde Park

We decided to try to get in touch with nature at the local hiking trail. After a few days of seclusion, just working on our laptops with a passed out dog, everything that moved scared us. The warning signs for bobcats in the area didn’t give us peace of mind either. There were lizards scattering ALL over the trail! We know the little lizards are probably harmless, but the memory of being attacked by one in Mariposa might have a hold on us. Our bravery was rewarded with peace and beauty at the top of the hill.

Also... Sam had an interview!

She's had better interviews.



Let's Live in Long Beach

Late March, 2019

In the Lap of Luxury

After the hustle & bustle of Hollywood, we got to experience total peace and relaxation in Long Beach. We chilled with the sweetest pitty, Meridian, and the mischievous kitty, Enca in the sun all day every day. We got used to the beach-across-the-street life, and paid it a visit 5 days in a row.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

We took the owners' recommendation and visited The Library Coffee House, a very cute and cozy place filled with old timey comfy chairs. We spent half a day working and drinking coffee there, and returned later in the week for open mic night. Hard to watch at times? Yes. But at least we walked away with some good quotes...

Back to Reality

Spring break is now over, back to a full class load for Taylor and job interviews for Sam. Luckily, we'll be back in our home away from home, Ventura!



When in Hollywood...

Mid-March, 2019

...walk up a hill. That's what we did all week with Cosmo the cattle dog. The hills were located in some pretty famous areas, though, including Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, and right outside our door - Hollywoodland!

Inspired by our surroundings, I got Sam to model for me. She's a natural.

Me not so much.

Nearing the end of our stay we made it to The Grove. I had no idea what to expect, but it is now officially on our list to take you guys when you visit. :)

Next, it's time to mark our territory at the coffee shops in Long Beach! We secured another pet sit (one dog, one cat) right by the ocean. Seriously, we could throw a rock at it.

Although I'm a little salty my 'spring break' is only four days, I just realized I'll be spending it on the beach with the coolest cat and dog (and Sam). No complaints here.